Episteme means knowledge in ancient Greek. The entity takes this name because it was born with the aim of improving the processes of knowledge generation. Our society is inherently dynamic, changing and polyhedral. The processes of social intervention, projects aimed at vulnerable groups and the application of public policies require reliable, valid and easily applicable knowledge. The focus of our work combines the verbs to investigate, analyze, evaluate and intervene.

Episteme is constituted by research staff-doctor trained in different public universities and comes from multiple disciplines of the Social Sciences. The professional experience of the team covers a wide spectrum of social phenomena and a long list of working methods and philosophies. The main themes of our work have been drug consumption, harm reduction, gender perspective, consumer society, marginalization processes, ICT, youth cultures, among others. With this background, we believe that now is the time to bet on a knowledge creation platform that looks at social problems head-on. The main objective of Episteme is to rigorously apply knowledge to social reality.

The theoretical bases of Episteme are based on the comprehensive currents of the Social Sciences. Speeches, meanings and situated knowledge represent our most valuable tools to compare and understand the world around us. From these we can conduct research, assessments and interventions connected to social needs. Quality is the cornerstone of our work because only through actions that exceed current premises, we can explore the frontiers of knowledge. Knowing the social reality will allow us to improve and transform society, only then can we move towards more just, responsible, tolerant and open conditions of existence. All our actions are based on the values ​​of tolerance, respect for diversity, ethics, defense of human rights and individual liberties.

Our logo is the little owl that accompanies the Greek goddess Athena. Goddess of civilization, of wisdom, of science, of justification and skill, and also patroness of artisans. In this sense, we consider ourselves craftsmen because the work of a researcher requires skill, dexterity and the patience of the ancient artisans. With this declaration of intentions, Episteme offers all the social actors the processes and the necessary tools to generate ideal knowledge.

www.episteme.site @episteme_inv info@episteme.cat

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