Episteme has a solid background in research, evaluation and intervention of complex social phenomena. With the aim of fulfilling its purposes, Episteme offers its experience to organizations and social entities that want to improve their processes.


Western societies are experiencing moments of uncertainty. More and more collectives are in a situation of social vulnerability. Administrations and private organizations must have a substantive knowledge to successfully apply any action aimed at social groups. The Episteme team has extensive experience in sociological research, both qualitative and quantitative, in the design and execution of research. Episteme is committed to generating knowledge in order to apply it socially. Our maxim: all research connects with the action.

In the field of research, Episteme adapts the qualitative and quantitative methodology to the characteristics of the study phenomenon and the objectives set to achieve the most appropriate research designs for each of the situations. Episteme can develop research on any subject related to the preferred areas of action.


Intervening in the social reality to transform it is fundamental in post-industrial societies, but mere intervention does not guarantee an improvement in the quality of life of people. The intervention must be effective, efficient and also efficient. Episteme offers evaluation methodologies (necessity, process and impact) for all types of social intervention projects.

In the field of the Episteme evaluation:

  • The needs of an entity or project before its implementation.
    The processes of any project or entity.
    The results of an intervention.
    The impact of any social activity.
    Calculate efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness indexes.
    Generate evaluation instruments.

Audiovisual production

The “global village” is digital and audiovisual. Intervention strategies require attractive and rapid supports in the society of the instantaneous and ephemeral. Audiovisual supports are ideal for glossing the results of a research, a social intervention project or certain public policies, or also to execute a preventive project, aimed especially at the youngest. Episteme prepares audiovisual documents with the intention of improving intervention and communication strategies.

Advice & consulting

Work in certain areas of social reality requires a strong specialization and a remarkable knowledge of social contexts. Episteme offers advisory and consulting services in strategic areas such as drug policies.

Episteme can help entities in tasks such as:

  • Review of scientific literature.
  • Construction of theoretical frameworks.
  • Design of research and intervention programs.
  • Adaptation of strategic objectives.
  • Decision making.
  • Design of preventive materials.


Knowing the reality that surrounds us is fundamental if we want to intervene on it. The people of the 21st century must be attentive to the continuous innovations of our dynamic and changing society. Episteme offers specialized training on research methodologies and social intervention, strategic design of projects and drug policies.

The Episteme team is a teacher in different public universities, both in degrees and master’s and doctorate. Episteme can adapt the contents of the training to the needs of the entities.